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Primetime Spices

Bovine Shine - Award Winning Beef Rub

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20 years of competition have resulted in this award winning beef seasoning.  Use on any beef product to produce a mouth watering shine and unmatched taste.  Made with only the finest ingredients procured from all corners of the globe.  

Pro/Competition Tip:  The Bovine Shine, Unicorn All Purpose, and Cow Glitter make up the world famous "Prime Time Proprietary Blend." Use on steak, brisket, burger, etc. to stand out from your competition. The most powerful blend on the market. 

Competition Directions

Prior to cooking: Apply a generous layer of Bovine Shine.  Next, add a layer of Unicorn all purpose seasoning.  Appx ratio should be 65% Bovine Shine to 35% Unicorn All Purpose Blend. 

Post Cook:  Add a dusting of Cow Glitter to add a mouth watering finishing flavor. Season to taste.